The dating game by natalie

This debut book in the Dating Game series gets its title from an online site that a trio of best friends design for a 10th-grade project, trying to prove that "boys think about sex more than girls." As they prepare quizzes and play matchmaker for themselves and their peers, each of the three struggles with her own romantic dilemma.Madison wants more sexual experience, poetic Lina is in love with her teacher, and curvy Holly has a wild reputation.Even though the girls eventually admit "our scientific technique is not exactly airtight here," it's hard to understand how some of the materials relate to their project.Yet the girls' struggles come across as authentic, and the writing can be both funny and honest (especially Holly's painful experience with "the double standard, how it was good for boys to have a wild rep and bad for girls").Readers will care very much about the main characters.Holly, Mads and Lina are close friends and do not compete with one another.They have their own strengths and weaknesses, and are honest about them.All three have romantic designs on boys who are unattainable for different reasons and for different lengths of time.

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Title: The Dating Game #1 (Dating Game (Paperback)) (No.The story focuses on the search for the right person to date, the urge to be popular, the feeling of being alone and isolated, and the potential hurt caused by nasty rumors.The situations presented here are ones faced by most high school students, and the girls' reactions to them are quite realistic.In THE DATING GAME, the first book in a new series by Natalie Standiford, three friends set up an online dating quiz as part of their school project.All of the quiz takers are students, which allows the girls --- Holly, Mads and Lina --- to get an insider's view of what their fellow students are thinking and feeling when it comes to dating and sex.

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