Symantec endpoint protection is not updating

Since new viruses and malware occur all the time, it is imperative that your virus definition files are updated regularly.

The campus and off-campus versions of Symantec Endpoint are set to automatically update your anti-virus definitions at least once a day.

I would like to update Windows 10 without uninstalling Symantec. I'm not really sure what your question is, because a) you haven't actually asked one, and b) you've answered it anyway.

This document presumes you are using Symantec Endpoint Protection, which is provided free of charge via the download channel in Go WMU, to all WMU faculty and staff members.

If you are using something other than the Symantec product, you should check your software's self-help to determine how to perform the same actions.

When it was finished I got the message about about a Symantec kext file not being compatible and to contact the vendor.

I proceeded to install the 12.1.7061.6600 installer using Casper Remote with a restart at the end and after the computer booted up SEP was working fine for me.

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