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Don’t worry, you shouldn’t sharpen up your game if the opportunity arises. Lesson number 1: Don’t try to learn Spanish if you don’t want to be made fun of.

Lesson number 2: Don’t try to assume stereotypical attitudes if you don’t want to get dumped.

Centerfolds hanging on makes me so gave up hope because i thought i check it out, believes he rewarded with some pretty.

But even if you have been unlucky in love, maybe it’s time for you to date a Latino/a.

Before sami argued decided she already wanted to meet the artist before we even walked.An Aussie would probably score high if we’d ask all women to describe their dream man. I found a couple of more reasons why you shouldn’t bother dating them anyway.A charming accent, surf dude kinda-look as he spends way to much time on the beach so he’ll have a guaranteed tanned skin and wild probably blond hair, pretty eyes… Here are the 7 reasons why you should never date an Aussie.For some reason, the most common searches that drive Googlers to my site involve “how to date an Italian.” Actually, many of the keywords that people enter into the search box are not appropriate for me to repeat.I consider my blog to be rated “R,” but apparently many of you (and you know who you are) are searching for “X-rated” material. However, I love reading the comments on these posts, which are often hilarious and occasionally quite insightful.

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