Stolen web cam footage marriage and dating customs in china

Unfortunately, many people do not change the default factory passwords on their cameras after installing them.

This essentially leaves the door wide open for any stranger online to view your most private moments, no hacking or computer skill required.

Among the dozens of countries listed on the site, the website features 4,591 feeds from the U. K., as well as 563 from Hong Kong and 182 from China.

Officials in several countries are urging webcam owners to change their passwords to block access to the hackers.

The site accesses cameras by using default login credentials, which are freely available online, for thousands of webcams.

The privacy-obliterating site operates under the guise of bringing attention to how easy it is to obtain such feeds using just the manufacturer’s default password.While You Tube’s own algorithm has taken down many of these videos, the DCA has called on Google to police their service better, asking them to consider their own company ethos ‘don’t be evil’ when judging whether hackers making tutorial videos should be allowed to profit through ad-revenue.“Ratters don’t need any help getting victims, but they stand to make money from the RAT tutorials posted on You Tube,” argues the DCA’s Deputy Executive Director Adam Benson.“We found hundreds of tutorials with ads from well-known, respected companies.It is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to access these streams via a guessed password, though the international nature of the site’s creator will make justice difficult.Many Internet-connected video cameras allow you to set a password to restrict and control remote access.

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