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Today, we’re mere seconds away from a majority of U. households possessing no landline at all, and text messages are five times more frequent on mobile phones than phone calls.

You can still call your best friend on the telephone, but he probably won’t pick up.

The phone call died, according to Nielsen, in the autumn of 2007.

We've covered the in-and-outs of each service below, so readers can weigh up the pros and cons and decide which plan is best for their needs and budget.

Before you go browsing, it’s important to remember that prices listed on Whistle Out's search engine for the following plans include monthly access to health and safety features (the 5Star Service for Great Call, and Seniors Wireless’ Tele MED Assist access).

As well as offering simple cell plans aimed at seniors who prefer talking to data use, Great Call also carries the Jitterbug range of cell phones made for mature cell phone users.

The Jitterbug5 is a basic feature phone that includes a bright color screen and a powerful speaker for clear conversation: ideal for users who may not have the best eyesight or hearing.

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